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168                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

correspondence, which was intercepted and caused
his death.

Many people think M. de Rohan (Chabot that
was) will marry little Madame Laborde. Others
say, il est trop frivole pour cela.

Madame de Nort, who has a large collection
of original pictures to sell, where I have been
selecting some for Benfield/ is the wife of Vail-
lant, the ornitho-catcher. She has retaken her
maiden name, because, after being three years
absent, he came back with a new wife and three
children. She has a son ; so, by agreement be-
tween his father and her, she has got possession
of his cabinet of birds, which she parted with
to the nation, and in return they have given her
what they think the sweeping of the emigrant
plunder; but there are many charming things
amongst them.

I do not think I shall have any difficulty in
obtaining from the Directory leave for poor Du-
rand2 to return to his plough, though not to his
vicarage, if he wishes it. My situation puts me
in the way of seeing many people, and of making
pleasant acquaintances; but le coin de mon feu me
seduit, and I do not go about much.

1  Brother-in-law to Mr. Swinburne.

2  Tutor to bis children.